NaNoWriMo ’13 update

While I was reading Homestuck, I got really inspired for a NaNoWriMo story. My thoughts wandered while reading this webcomic. I was thinking about how wonderful it was that these kids became fiends through the internet and that the pop culture references in Homestuck were pretty cool. Why don’t I try something like that? Then it hit me. I could try something like that! I could tie in the wonderful world of social media (especially tumblr), fandoms and socially awkward teens by writing a story about all these things.

I’ve got several ideas now. I want two characters to meet each other by the ask function on tumblr. I want them to fangasm about their main fandom. They instantly realize they have so much in common, while the girl with the point of view thinks she doesn’t have anything in common with the people around her. It’s going to be a story in which I can write fanfiction that the girl/boy would write (aka fangirling about Korra). Which for some reason made me super excited. I can also tie in cosplay and other geek culture. Of course tumblr will evolve to facebook, twitter, skype and ultimately a real life meeting. I think I want to end the story when these two meet for real. I’m going to tie in an obsessive parent, because they will take a lot of time ensuring their children that the internet is dangerous. At least my mom did. My story already reminds me a little of Rainbow Rowell’s ‘Fangirl‘ by reading the synopis. I’ve yet to read that one, but I thought it was such a cool idea to write about a girl that loves to write fanfiction. Heh, sorry Rainbow.. kinda borrowing your idea here. (Btw, is Rainbow her real name?)

I’m not sure if I’m going to have the two people be straight, bi or gay. Having them be bisexual or gay ties in a whole different aspect to the story in which they can be in a safe environment and explore their sexuality in their chats. Then again I’m not sure if it’s too much for a story about making internetfriends. It would overshadow that aspect that really grabbed me at first. If I’m going to make it so that they are two boys/girls I could reveal it in their first skype chat, which will not happen very soon. Then the reader is already familiar with the characters and thus wouldn’t really care that much what their sexuality was. I don’t think it should be a huge deal, because it just isn’t. Just spewing ideas here, because that’s how my brain works when I’m on a roll. I just noticed that tumblr is used much more for personal discussions than even facebook. Especially by lgbt teens.

I’m excited that I managed to come up with a cool idea before the start of the month. I don’t know how it will go, because my deadline for school comes first. I can get a legit certificate in creative writing for the assignments I complete, so obviously that’s more important than a project that I’m just doing for myself.


Welcome to my Life 2

I’ll try to make this a weekly thing. Every sunday I will try to tell you guys what it is I did this week. With little stories about interesting things that happened. Scratch the little. Knowing myself they’ll probably be a little longer than that.

I wasn’t feeling so well this monday, so I ditched school. It wasn’t the alcohol that had gotten the best of me, but the lack of sleep. I remember looking at my alarm clock at 8 a.m and thinking: this isn’t going to be it. I did have to borrow a book from the library, so when I had slept a few hours I decided to run my errands. Of course, when I get in the bus the teacher happens to get in as well. I about died! I was sitting in a seat near the window and two people were standing in front of me, because many seats were taken. It’s possible that she didn’t see me, but I still wanted to hide, or get out of the bus or dig a hole into the ground and stay there until the next bus came… All I could think was: shit! Things like this only happen to me. Should I put on my hood? No wait, that will definately attrack attention.
I’m a bit of a goodie two shoes. I never skip school. You can imagine I felt a little guilty. So I hereby confess.

Selfie that I shot after I’d putten on some make-up. You can’t see it with this filter, but I was feeling red lips that day. I’m weird with make-up. One day I don’t wear anything and the next day I go all out. It usually depens on the time I have to get out of bed, heh.

The day after I went to the beautiful city of Maastricht to visit my friend Irene. We drank some tea in an old bunker, that was converted to a lovely little shop. Here we discussed our plans for NaNoWriMo. Irene isn’t an avid writer, but she just wants to write something. Wheter it’s in Japanese (she’s a Japanse major gradute), English or Dutch. I told her that it would be cool if she would create three main characters that would all tell the stories in their own languages. This way she can still maintain a certain cohesion in her story and would be a really cool effect. Irene talked about wanting to write a thriller, so this would be a good way to create suspension. It would make the story impossible for me to read, because I’m not exactly fluent in Japanese, but hey… it’s her story. I also gravitate towards a thriller, but I don’t have a plot, setting or initial idea.
After this we went shopping, because I needed a new mascara. Or so we told ourselves. It was really more of an excuse to pass our time in some shops. Irene got really excited with some crafts and art stuff we saw. She came up with a really fun idea to send actual ‘care packages’ to get through NaNoWriMo. I’m really excited by this idea, because it’s so wonderful to receive actual mail. Just the thought that people actually care enough to go through all the hassle of mailing stuff to you is nice. And there’s something about receiving mail from friends that no other feeling can beat. Just mailing something might not seem like a hassle to you, but it is so much harder than just sending an email or facebook message. You have to buy stamps, envelopes and then drop the letter in the postbox.
After Irene’s excitement about crafting we took another trip down memorylane. For our dinner we settled on eating pancakes. I was really happy that Eline, another friend, was able to join us. The pancakes were really good and I had a great time. Who knew that pancakes with bacon, sugar and syrup were a killer combo? I didn’t!

On a wednesday I had my last literary/book club and creative writing class for my creative writing minor that I’m taking at my college. It’s weird to realize how fast these classes went by. I feel like I just started them last week. The teacher that taught us more about literature really is a walking encyclopedia. That man has a vast knowledge. He blew all the students away with his facts. Not just about literature, but also about the old Greeks and Romans, war and even culinary magazines and their rating system. I really wonder how he can remember all of that.
The creative writing classes were also very inspiring. Our teacher made us question our own censorship. The one that makes us think, wait, we can’t write that. He taught me that you have to see past that and when you do great things can happen. He also gave me tips on how to stand for your own story, which was exactly what I needed. These past two years studying Journalism I haven’t been very confident in myself. I felt that I didn’t fit in with THE demand for THE journalist that I thought the school wanted. I guess it’s due to the strict programme that the first two years offer. This year I’ve realised that it’s my journey and that I have to do it in my own way. Things have gotten better ever since that realisation.

Amy and I had our (more than) weekly dinner(s) this week. We were both craving for sushi, so on friday evening we splurged a little. The sushi was delicious. I’d say watching Adventure Time with your best friend and eating sushi is a good way to spend any friday evening. Feel free to disagree.

Next week I’m going to be working on an assignment for school in which we have to make a historical reconstruction of something that happened in our family. My grandfather was there when the dikes broke down and flooded villages in my province. He burried a lot of villagers and animals. When the water was finally gone the land was too salty for farming, which is why he left to a small village in another province. He met my grandmother there and they have been married since his death. This story shows to me that their is light in every darkness. Besides getting a week off from school to write this entire story, I still have time to have some fun. On wednesday I’ll be going to Rebecca’s birthdaybash. I already have the perfect present for her. It’ll be awesome! Two days after that I’ll be seeing Rebecca (and Natascha) again, because we’re going to ‘Boekenfestijn’, a book fair where you can buy books for very low prices. I’ll be out on the hunt for the Game of Thrones series, Eragon, Sherlock and many more books I didn’t even know I needed.

Our secret

Are you ashamed
of the truth and the lies
all the times that you cried
when the unreachable became fragile

Is your greatest happiness
truly your biggest mistake
Or is it an illusion I’ve created
Driven by the grudge you hold

No one understands, no one knows
All the pain in your heart
The words you kept inside are
destined for a life long sentence

Your lips are sealed
Your eyes hint towards emotions
Wounds have not been healed
Are you ashamed of me?

Inspiration of the moment

Inspiration comes from all sorts of things. Things we see, hear, smell or feel. The only thing it has in common is that it does something to us that triggers our creativity. The inspirational thing made us feel something big enough for new ideas to be born. Here I’ll list my inspiration sources of the moment.

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra


I am currentely re-warching ATLA and I also watch Korra on a weekly basis. There’s something about this show that gets me every time. Wheter it’s the fantastic storywriting and characterbuilding or the interesting mix between east and west. Since both my story Intertwined and the Avatar universe are partly inspired by Japanese/South-Korean/asian culture and myths while ,unintentionally, fusing some subtle western elements it’s always very inspirational. Also, I’m really, really obsessed with this show at the moment. My tumblr is full with Korra-related stuff. Last weekend I was full of ideas because of the last episodes about the origin of the Avatar. Especially the quote about light and dark not being able to survive without oneanother spawned some serious badassness. It’s great when a show gives you that final push you needed to get everything into place and Korra/Avatar has done that several times now.

2. Merlin

two sides of the same coin 2

BBC’s Merlin was my favorite thing of 2012/2013. It’s renewed my interest in European folktales/myths. I wasn’t super familiar with the Arthurian Legend, so for me this was a wonderful retelling. The scenery and feeling of this show has been extremely helpful to get familiar with one of the nations, Kozumi, that Amy created. They are more of a celtic/germanic/scandinavian/british/scottish kind of people that must’ve had their golden days in a time like that of King Arthur. The druids were also very helpful in creating the Koizumi people, as well as the character Merlin. His loveliness was futile for the making of a character. It doesn’t hurt to watch Arthur’s and his father’s relationship either, because they remind me very much of Shogo and his dad. I’ll definately be rewatching this show. Not only for my own enjoyment, but also to get even more inspired by this gem of a show.

3. Paramore

paramore still into you ps

Currentely I’m in a phase where TV-shows really seem to inspire me. I used to be in a phase where many inspiration came from music. Music is still a big source of getting into a certain vibe while writing, but nowadays it doesn’t seem to trigger my brain as much as it did. There is one band however that continues to do so. It’s probably not a secret that this is also one of my favorite things. Especially every hearing session of ‘Part II’ seems to shed a new light on that song. I’ve thought of several big storylines because of that one song. Music is great to get carried away into a certain feeling, which can bring out ideas that seemed to be at the top of my head. K-pop used to be very inspirational to me, but I don’t listen to it that much anymore. Obviously it can’t bring out much ideas if I don’t.

4. Past interests

For my latest Journalism schoolassignments I seem to gravitate towards my past. This year I’ve learned that I have to choose a subject that’s close to me, if there is an option to do so. Before that I felt that I had to choose subjects that I thought were expected of me as a Journalism student. This only resulted in halfhearted attempts. I have done two stories about things I used to be really into. It’s great to look back and fall in love with them again. For a reportage I intervieuwed cosplayduo Clueless Vision and cosplayer Shiro from Ichiro Cosplay. I had a blast hearing about their passion and seeing them create right before my eyes. It was so fun that it rekindled my love for cosplay. For a portrait I intervieuwed fashionblogger Debbie from Six Feet from the Edge. The blogging world has always fascinated me. I used to follow fashion- and beautyblogs for a while, because I was fascinated by their world. I love that the internet has made it possible for these girls to live their dream. There’s something so glamorous, but normal about succesfull bloggers.
It’s interesting how my Journalism work is much more inspired by daily things, because that’s exactly what I am writing about in these productions. It’s also interesting that I’ve taken on a habit of putting personal interests and experiences in my work and seeing a much better result. I do have to figure out my limits on this, because I fear that I’ve pitched an idea to my teacher/mentor that might be too personal for me to write about in such a context.

Past inspirations for Intertwined used to be anime, South-Korean city life and dramas, Korean pop music,social media and mankind’s obsession towards it  New York, Scotland, and in particulair the anime Naruto. Did you know that story once started out as a Naruto fanfiction, but involved into so much more? Nowadays that series has let me down, because it has been going downhill rapidly, but it will always have a special place in my heart because of my own characters and elements of the Naruto series that they were based on.
For my Journalism assignments I used to search for inspiration in the local and national news. That method wasn’t always helpful…

A new post like this might turn up again. I can’t say when, because I’m not sure when I’ll get inspired by new things. It always happens when you’re not trying.

I want to be a writer

At a very young age I knew that I wanted to be a writer. I guess it must have been in my freshmen year that I really discovered that writing was what I wanted to do with my life. I enjoy it and I feel like I am quite good at it. Sure, I’m no J.K Rowling or Jane Austen, but I have progressed a lot. It’s funny when you read older pieces that you thought were the bomb and now turn out to be not so good as you thought. It’s still nice to read them, because you get to see how much better you are now. It’s nice to see that you’ve grown without noticing.

However there’s one part that hasn’t really grown in me as a writer. I still don’t know what exactly it is I want to write. Maybe you never know. Maybe you just stumble across your masterpiece by trying to create something else. Often the biggest success was actually a mistake you made or a piece you thought of in five minutes. It’s just that I’m studying to be a Journalist, so I’m going to make my living off of writing. Which is why it can be slightly frustrating that I have no idea what I want to do. I know I want to write bigger stories that intruge people in some kind of way. I love interviewing people and hearing what drives them. I’m interested in people’s passions. There are few things greater seeing someone talk about what they love and trying to understand them. I’ve most enjoyed the personal stories I had to write like that. I just feel like that’s not something I can earn a lot of money with. Let alone enough. But I also learned that it’s most important to follow your heart. It’s always brought me exactly where I needed to be. When I didn’t listen to my gut, things seemed to go a little off track.

So that’s why I’m listening to my heart. Even though right now it’s not saying much. I know I’m only twenty, but I have to think about what it is I want to write. I’ve been wanting to write a book for more than ten years now. Yet I didn’t know the genre then and I don’t know the genre now. I guess it’s not the genre that matters. Wheter it’s fantasy, romance, thriller or non-fiction. The story that I feel that needs to be told will be most important. I don’t care which genre I write about as long as the story is interesting. But I can’t always write about interesting stories, although there is an interesting aspect to everything. Sometimes finding one is hard.

I’ve always known which step I would take next. I had everything planned until my Journalism bachelor, but now I can’t think of what I’ll be doing when I graduate. It’s a matter of finding a magazine that feels close to heart. I do know I want to write. Still, it’s going to be hard applying for jobs when you have no idea where to apply. I don’t know what suits me or what I’d like. I guess that scares me a little. I like knowing what I’ll be doing later on. It’s always more productive to work towards a goal.

I know I’ll have enough time to think about what I want. It’s not that I am trying to stick to one genre or platform. It’s just that I’d be nice to have an idea that’s slightly less vague than personal stories about people and their emotions. My friend Amber once said she’d see me writing a book about interesting people and their stories. That would be lovely, but I really have to find another gameplan.

I really have to start looking what kind of magazines there are. Part of the reason that I don’t know what I’ll be doing is because my knowledge of the possibilities is very low. I also know that you can’t plan some things. It seems as though good things do come your way, but looking for them may make them come faster.

Welcome to my life 1

I’ll try to make this a weekly thing. Every sunday I will try to tell you guys what it is I did this week. With little stories about interesting things that happened. Scratch the little. Knowing myself they’ll probably be a little longer than that.

This week I had a week off from school because of the ‘autumn break’. It did feel a little different from my usual weeks, because I actually stayed longer with my parents in the countryside. This due to an appointment my mom booked with the dentist. It was that time again. Don’t get me wrong, my teeth are in good condition. In such good condition that wasting 30 euros on a little check up that lasts two minutes feels like a total waste of money.
It’s the same thing every time. I have to wait ages before it’s my turn, I lay down in the chair, open my mouth, let the denist take a look at my teeth while thinking well, time to say goodbye to 30 euros and it’s already done. This time around I needed to get some fancy x-ray pictures taken, so it cost me 50 euros instead. Oh, how I love the dentist. The actual time that the dentist looked at my teeth must have been like two minutes of my life. Can’t they get that I’m a poor student?

Thursday I had an appointment that I was more anticipated about. I went on a lunchdate with two friends from school. Despite proven myself wrong again – no, I really, really do not have such a big appetite as my eyes think I have – we had a really good time. Even with all the public transport problems that were occuring. A friend was an hour late, because she found out her train wasn’t taking of just when she went to check the time it would depart. It’s a good thing she’s smart and decided to just take a detour so she wouldn’t have to wait two hours before we could finally meet up. It was nice doing something together again. We were promised to be in the same class at the end of the year, but it didn’t happen because the school forgot to rearrange it. When they finally got remembered it was too late to make it happen. It’s a shame, but it does make me appreciate the time we spend together even more. We drank smoothies, tea and had a nice grilled cheesus with a ‘special’ sauce. We also went on a search for boots, for a friend that mostly wears sneakers. She found a really nice pair. Thank you Odette and Natascha for the great afternoon.

The day after I went shopping with Amy in Rotterdam. We are very skilled at losing each other during our shoppingtrips. Much like a mommy losing her kid. I can’t think of a time when we went shopping and it didn’t happen.
I didn’t find a lot of things. There were nice things, but I already have so much clothing that I’m becoming more specific in what I want to buy. I couldn’t leave this shirt at Pull&Bear behind, because it reminded me so much of Pabu of The Legend of Korra. That resembelance is seriously the only reason why I bought that shirt.

pull and bear pabu shirtWhen Amy send it to me online I instantly fell in love and shouted PABU <3.

Saturdaynight till sundaymorning I went to a party in celebration of my friend Natascha and her best friend. I’m not used to going to parties that really go on for all night and serve lots of booze, while knowing only two people. I had a good time, while meeting some nice people. I had some interesting conversations. Most of them where nice and funny, but one struck me in a different way. A guy called me out for being really quiet. “Are you having fun?” he asked. He wasn’t the only one. I had the feeling people weren’t really convinced that I was having a good time. I seriously did, but there were times where I just preferred to sit on the couch and observe all that happened around me rather than to emerge in it. I guess this is just me being an introvert. Maybe I’m getting too personal here, but I did have to get used to meeting so many new people at a time. I’m better socializing in small groups. Also, near the end I was getting really tired.
Fun fact: I didn’t know I could handle booze so well. I don’t drink much, but this time I drank more than I usually do. It’s ironic to say that I didn’t feel a thing, No hangover, just a little sleepdeprived.

1374353_449102368533235_342071555_n (1)I guess this face does prove that I did have a good time 😉

Revenge Wears Prada

When I knew there was going to be a sequel to The Devil Wears Prada I was pretty excited. I should’ve known better. Revenge Wears Prada was nothing but a way to earn more money for writer Lauren Weisberger. There is no life in this book. Why? I’ll try to explain below.

It’s been a lot of years since Andy quit Runway. She never would have thought she would be where she stands now. Andy and old nemesis Emily have created their own magazine, The Plunge. They are now the owners of a glamourous bridal magazine that is taking over the hearts of every wedding enthusiast. Except for making a name for herself Andy has also found a new man in her life. Not Alex or Christian, but Max Harrison has conquered her heart. Never in a million years would Andy have thought that she’d be getting married to him, but it’s happening. The good things don’t seem to end and still Andy feels uneasy. It’s all too good to be true.


The Revenge Wears Prada missed the witty humor of its prequel. Without the Runway setting the story is not working. Aside from that there were a million other storylines Weisberger could’ve thought of, but didn’t. The book misses an actual plot that the writer holds onto. Instead of reading about a misfit in the office of one of the most influential magazines ever, we get to read about a woman that is constantely terrified about losing everything without reasons. Characters make choices that don’t seem logical for them. Even if there was a timeskip. The book does nothing but sketch the life Andy has now and it’s not a pageturner whatsoever.

Plotpoints get created, but are suddenly never heard of again. The expected still happens, but with reasons that seem to make even less sense than all the hints that were given to something that never even happened. If only that were the only dissapointment.

I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed this book at all. Usually it felt like a drag to start in, but once I struggled through a few pages it got enjoyable. I was able to stop thinking and get carried by the emotions. Even if they were more dramatic than a woman with constant PMS. Sometimes it’s nice to see that other people can be more dramatic than you. I think this is the essence of a chicklit. Just getting carried away by romantic stories, recognizable lady troubles and happy endings. Maybe Revenge Wears Prada was nothing but a regular chicklit. I have to admit I haven’t read much of the genre, so I won’t be the judge of that.

I only recommend this book if you really, really want to know what Andy has been up to. I was really curious, so if I hadn’t already I might read it again. I was aware of the bad reviews, but it’s always better to form your own opinion. Do prepare to be dissapointed.

The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favorite books, because it’s witty, glamorous, interesting and a pageturner. Its sequel has none of these qualities. I’ll rate it with 2 stars, because I did finish it and while I got into the story it was actually fun at times.