Being a co-creator

When I imagined myself writing a story I’d never thought I’d become a co-creator. However, I have been for over four years now. Maybe even five? I’ve lost count. Being a co-creator is a wonderful thing, but it also comes with a few downsides.

Let’s start with the pro’s. As I said I have been a co-creator for four years now, which means I have been working on the story, Intertwined, a long, long time. Frankly I don’t know if I would have put through with it if it weren’t for Amy, whom I’ve created the story with.

I have been writing since I was six. When I was around eight I decided I would write books when I grew up, but the truth is I never got past the wordcount of 20.000. I would start full of enthusiasm and excitement. An explosion of energy started to fill me up and for a few days I couldn’t stop writing and thinking of ideas. Then came a point where I was stuck and I would stop writing, till eventually I got bored of the story. For Intertwined that hasn’t happened yet, and I haven’t even officially begun writing the ‘main story’.

Having a co-creator means you push yourself more. You don’t have the feeling you’re only doing it for yourself, and while that should be the first decision to do anything it’s also one of the hardest.
Amy and I like to go out shopping and go for tea or coffee and when we do we almost always talk about our story. It has strenghtened our bond so much that it’s insane. We have the best inside jokes and other fun times just because of those characters. Far too often we browse through stores and see clothes that our characters would wear. I have to admit I might’ve bought a few items, because they reminded me of something a character would wear. Yeah, I went there.
We also have this habit of watching series and realizing some characters resemble ours. It’s really bad, but that instantly makes some shows better. It’s fun to imagine our characters in their positions and it is a good way to think of new storylines.

Korean TV-show You’re Beautiful is a good example of such a show. There’s one character in particulair that makes us think of one of our own and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Amy doesn’t write for Intertwined. Writing longer stories isn’t really her thing. We do however brainstorm on a lot of the ideas. Sometimes this makes you come up with better ideas, because you can bounce off each others ideas.
Intertwined is split out in three point of views. I am responsible for one storyarc, while Amy thought of the core ideas for the other ones. It’s harder for me to build off from that. I usually feel afraid to ruin her original idea, that I find it very hard to come up with anything for ‘her’ characters at all. Resulting in a huge storyline for ‘my’ character and not so much room for hers anymore. These are all issues that make it harder. I don’t know if this is just me or the co-creatorship in general. I personally have to have space to put my own twist on this. This is always harder when you’re working with someone else. The product has to be a co-operation. Not all of your ideas might get through the way you want them to. Creating this story is something we share, so sometimes there has to be some sharing.

I had the idea to make one of the characters immortal. It was a character that wasn’t really working anymore. I was really excited about the idea, but Amy wasn’t sure. I really had to fight to get this idea through. Other ideas I had to let go, because they just weren’t working anymore. Having a co-creator does make this easier to realise, although the opinions might differ. I think the hardest thing of being a co-creator is that two people have two different opinions. The trick is to make it so that both parties are happy with the story.


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