Revenge Wears Prada

When I knew there was going to be a sequel to The Devil Wears Prada I was pretty excited. I should’ve known better. Revenge Wears Prada was nothing but a way to earn more money for writer Lauren Weisberger. There is no life in this book. Why? I’ll try to explain below.

It’s been a lot of years since Andy quit Runway. She never would have thought she would be where she stands now. Andy and old nemesis Emily have created their own magazine, The Plunge. They are now the owners of a glamourous bridal magazine that is taking over the hearts of every wedding enthusiast. Except for making a name for herself Andy has also found a new man in her life. Not Alex or Christian, but Max Harrison has conquered her heart. Never in a million years would Andy have thought that she’d be getting married to him, but it’s happening. The good things don’t seem to end and still Andy feels uneasy. It’s all too good to be true.


The Revenge Wears Prada missed the witty humor of its prequel. Without the Runway setting the story is not working. Aside from that there were a million other storylines Weisberger could’ve thought of, but didn’t. The book misses an actual plot that the writer holds onto. Instead of reading about a misfit in the office of one of the most influential magazines ever, we get to read about a woman that is constantely terrified about losing everything without reasons. Characters make choices that don’t seem logical for them. Even if there was a timeskip. The book does nothing but sketch the life Andy has now and it’s not a pageturner whatsoever.

Plotpoints get created, but are suddenly never heard of again. The expected still happens, but with reasons that seem to make even less sense than all the hints that were given to something that never even happened. If only that were the only dissapointment.

I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed this book at all. Usually it felt like a drag to start in, but once I struggled through a few pages it got enjoyable. I was able to stop thinking and get carried by the emotions. Even if they were more dramatic than a woman with constant PMS. Sometimes it’s nice to see that other people can be more dramatic than you. I think this is the essence of a chicklit. Just getting carried away by romantic stories, recognizable lady troubles and happy endings. Maybe Revenge Wears Prada was nothing but a regular chicklit. I have to admit I haven’t read much of the genre, so I won’t be the judge of that.

I only recommend this book if you really, really want to know what Andy has been up to. I was really curious, so if I hadn’t already I might read it again. I was aware of the bad reviews, but it’s always better to form your own opinion. Do prepare to be dissapointed.

The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favorite books, because it’s witty, glamorous, interesting and a pageturner. Its sequel has none of these qualities. I’ll rate it with 2 stars, because I did finish it and while I got into the story it was actually fun at times.


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