Inspiration of the moment

Inspiration comes from all sorts of things. Things we see, hear, smell or feel. The only thing it has in common is that it does something to us that triggers our creativity. The inspirational thing made us feel something big enough for new ideas to be born. Here I’ll list my inspiration sources of the moment.

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra


I am currentely re-warching ATLA and I also watch Korra on a weekly basis. There’s something about this show that gets me every time. Wheter it’s the fantastic storywriting and characterbuilding or the interesting mix between east and west. Since both my story Intertwined and the Avatar universe are partly inspired by Japanese/South-Korean/asian culture and myths while ,unintentionally, fusing some subtle western elements it’s always very inspirational. Also, I’m really, really obsessed with this show at the moment. My tumblr is full with Korra-related stuff. Last weekend I was full of ideas because of the last episodes about the origin of the Avatar. Especially the quote about light and dark not being able to survive without oneanother spawned some serious badassness. It’s great when a show gives you that final push you needed to get everything into place and Korra/Avatar has done that several times now.

2. Merlin

two sides of the same coin 2

BBC’s Merlin was my favorite thing of 2012/2013. It’s renewed my interest in European folktales/myths. I wasn’t super familiar with the Arthurian Legend, so for me this was a wonderful retelling. The scenery and feeling of this show has been extremely helpful to get familiar with one of the nations, Kozumi, that Amy created. They are more of a celtic/germanic/scandinavian/british/scottish kind of people that must’ve had their golden days in a time like that of King Arthur. The druids were also very helpful in creating the Koizumi people, as well as the character Merlin. His loveliness was futile for the making of a character. It doesn’t hurt to watch Arthur’s and his father’s relationship either, because they remind me very much of Shogo and his dad. I’ll definately be rewatching this show. Not only for my own enjoyment, but also to get even more inspired by this gem of a show.

3. Paramore

paramore still into you ps

Currentely I’m in a phase where TV-shows really seem to inspire me. I used to be in a phase where many inspiration came from music. Music is still a big source of getting into a certain vibe while writing, but nowadays it doesn’t seem to trigger my brain as much as it did. There is one band however that continues to do so. It’s probably not a secret that this is also one of my favorite things. Especially every hearing session of ‘Part II’ seems to shed a new light on that song. I’ve thought of several big storylines because of that one song. Music is great to get carried away into a certain feeling, which can bring out ideas that seemed to be at the top of my head. K-pop used to be very inspirational to me, but I don’t listen to it that much anymore. Obviously it can’t bring out much ideas if I don’t.

4. Past interests

For my latest Journalism schoolassignments I seem to gravitate towards my past. This year I’ve learned that I have to choose a subject that’s close to me, if there is an option to do so. Before that I felt that I had to choose subjects that I thought were expected of me as a Journalism student. This only resulted in halfhearted attempts. I have done two stories about things I used to be really into. It’s great to look back and fall in love with them again. For a reportage I intervieuwed cosplayduo Clueless Vision and cosplayer Shiro from Ichiro Cosplay. I had a blast hearing about their passion and seeing them create right before my eyes. It was so fun that it rekindled my love for cosplay. For a portrait I intervieuwed fashionblogger Debbie from Six Feet from the Edge. The blogging world has always fascinated me. I used to follow fashion- and beautyblogs for a while, because I was fascinated by their world. I love that the internet has made it possible for these girls to live their dream. There’s something so glamorous, but normal about succesfull bloggers.
It’s interesting how my Journalism work is much more inspired by daily things, because that’s exactly what I am writing about in these productions. It’s also interesting that I’ve taken on a habit of putting personal interests and experiences in my work and seeing a much better result. I do have to figure out my limits on this, because I fear that I’ve pitched an idea to my teacher/mentor that might be too personal for me to write about in such a context.

Past inspirations for Intertwined used to be anime, South-Korean city life and dramas, Korean pop music,social media and mankind’s obsession towards it  New York, Scotland, and in particulair the anime Naruto. Did you know that story once started out as a Naruto fanfiction, but involved into so much more? Nowadays that series has let me down, because it has been going downhill rapidly, but it will always have a special place in my heart because of my own characters and elements of the Naruto series that they were based on.
For my Journalism assignments I used to search for inspiration in the local and national news. That method wasn’t always helpful…

A new post like this might turn up again. I can’t say when, because I’m not sure when I’ll get inspired by new things. It always happens when you’re not trying.


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