Welcome to my Life 2

I’ll try to make this a weekly thing. Every sunday I will try to tell you guys what it is I did this week. With little stories about interesting things that happened. Scratch the little. Knowing myself they’ll probably be a little longer than that.

I wasn’t feeling so well this monday, so I ditched school. It wasn’t the alcohol that had gotten the best of me, but the lack of sleep. I remember looking at my alarm clock at 8 a.m and thinking: this isn’t going to be it. I did have to borrow a book from the library, so when I had slept a few hours I decided to run my errands. Of course, when I get in the bus the teacher happens to get in as well. I about died! I was sitting in a seat near the window and two people were standing in front of me, because many seats were taken. It’s possible that she didn’t see me, but I still wanted to hide, or get out of the bus or dig a hole into the ground and stay there until the next bus came… All I could think was: shit! Things like this only happen to me. Should I put on my hood? No wait, that will definately attrack attention.
I’m a bit of a goodie two shoes. I never skip school. You can imagine I felt a little guilty. So I hereby confess.

Selfie that I shot after I’d putten on some make-up. You can’t see it with this filter, but I was feeling red lips that day. I’m weird with make-up. One day I don’t wear anything and the next day I go all out. It usually depens on the time I have to get out of bed, heh.

The day after I went to the beautiful city of Maastricht to visit my friend Irene. We drank some tea in an old bunker, that was converted to a lovely little shop. Here we discussed our plans for NaNoWriMo. Irene isn’t an avid writer, but she just wants to write something. Wheter it’s in Japanese (she’s a Japanse major gradute), English or Dutch. I told her that it would be cool if she would create three main characters that would all tell the stories in their own languages. This way she can still maintain a certain cohesion in her story and would be a really cool effect. Irene talked about wanting to write a thriller, so this would be a good way to create suspension. It would make the story impossible for me to read, because I’m not exactly fluent in Japanese, but hey… it’s her story. I also gravitate towards a thriller, but I don’t have a plot, setting or initial idea.
After this we went shopping, because I needed a new mascara. Or so we told ourselves. It was really more of an excuse to pass our time in some shops. Irene got really excited with some crafts and art stuff we saw. She came up with a really fun idea to send actual ‘care packages’ to get through NaNoWriMo. I’m really excited by this idea, because it’s so wonderful to receive actual mail. Just the thought that people actually care enough to go through all the hassle of mailing stuff to you is nice. And there’s something about receiving mail from friends that no other feeling can beat. Just mailing something might not seem like a hassle to you, but it is so much harder than just sending an email or facebook message. You have to buy stamps, envelopes and then drop the letter in the postbox.
After Irene’s excitement about crafting we took another trip down memorylane. For our dinner we settled on eating pancakes. I was really happy that Eline, another friend, was able to join us. The pancakes were really good and I had a great time. Who knew that pancakes with bacon, sugar and syrup were a killer combo? I didn’t!

On a wednesday I had my last literary/book club and creative writing class for my creative writing minor that I’m taking at my college. It’s weird to realize how fast these classes went by. I feel like I just started them last week. The teacher that taught us more about literature really is a walking encyclopedia. That man has a vast knowledge. He blew all the students away with his facts. Not just about literature, but also about the old Greeks and Romans, war and even culinary magazines and their rating system. I really wonder how he can remember all of that.
The creative writing classes were also very inspiring. Our teacher made us question our own censorship. The one that makes us think, wait, we can’t write that. He taught me that you have to see past that and when you do great things can happen. He also gave me tips on how to stand for your own story, which was exactly what I needed. These past two years studying Journalism I haven’t been very confident in myself. I felt that I didn’t fit in with THE demand for THE journalist that I thought the school wanted. I guess it’s due to the strict programme that the first two years offer. This year I’ve realised that it’s my journey and that I have to do it in my own way. Things have gotten better ever since that realisation.

Amy and I had our (more than) weekly dinner(s) this week. We were both craving for sushi, so on friday evening we splurged a little. The sushi was delicious. I’d say watching Adventure Time with your best friend and eating sushi is a good way to spend any friday evening. Feel free to disagree.

Next week I’m going to be working on an assignment for school in which we have to make a historical reconstruction of something that happened in our family. My grandfather was there when the dikes broke down and flooded villages in my province. He burried a lot of villagers and animals. When the water was finally gone the land was too salty for farming, which is why he left to a small village in another province. He met my grandmother there and they have been married since his death. This story shows to me that their is light in every darkness. Besides getting a week off from school to write this entire story, I still have time to have some fun. On wednesday I’ll be going to Rebecca’s birthdaybash. I already have the perfect present for her. It’ll be awesome! Two days after that I’ll be seeing Rebecca (and Natascha) again, because we’re going to ‘Boekenfestijn’, a book fair where you can buy books for very low prices. I’ll be out on the hunt for the Game of Thrones series, Eragon, Sherlock and many more books I didn’t even know I needed.


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