Birthdaygift idea

The trick to finding the best birthdaypresent for a person is to make it as personal as possible. That’s easier said than done. It’s weird to buy something too personal if you don’t really know the person that well. Then again you also don’t want to come off as the douche that bought a gift card because she/he didn’t want to put in any effort. Buying gifts is hard. I do consider myself to be quite good at it, but it really depends on the person and its interests. 

This week I went to Rebecca’s birthdaybash. This fellow blogger and friend turned 20. Of course this called for a celebration. I had prepared the perfect gift the week before her party. Rebecca has two clear passions: books and bunnies. Her rabbit is her best friend, her everything. She makes it her mission to fight for awareness on how to take care of a bunny. On the other hand there is nothing she loves more than to read in her spare time. Combining these two passions made for the perfect gift.

I’m no Photoshop master. I do however know my way around the Adobe programma. That’s why I decide to play around with it and I see if I could create something for my friend. Instantly the phrase ‘books and bunnies’ popped into my head. 


This poster was what rolled out of that first Photoshop session. Thank god a friend called it unprofessional, because that’s driven me to work a little longer on this and create something much better. Proof that being honest is always best. If that friend would’ve kept her mouth shut I might’ve given Rebecca this horrible poster. 



That’s more like it! I knew this poster was perfect while creating it. Not only does it have Gerrit (her current rabbit) on it, but also Safir, who is still very dear and GTRTB quotes. All keeping true to Rebecca’s favorite colour: green.

You should’ve seen Rebecca’s face when she opened it. It was anything I could’ve asked for and more. I’m so grateful when people like my presents. I love finding things for them. To me giving gifts is a way to say you apreciate their company.

I wasn’t sure how this baby would turn out. I decided to order a print at the Dutch store HEMA. In just three workdays they printed a beautiful poster for her. On actual Kodak photo paper! I was really impressed. I expected the regular photopaper, but definately not this. Because I increased the size of the file you can’t see any pixels. I’ll definately be ordering another poster for myself. I’ve got my sight set on a Paramore fan-art one.

paramore monster ps


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