Welcome to my Life 3

I’ll try to make this a weekly thing. Every sunday I will try to tell you guys what it is I did this week. With little stories about interesting things that happened. Scratch the little. Knowing myself they’ll probably be a little longer than that.

As I have said before this week school was cancelled, because the teachers gave us time to work on an assignment. They believed it would improve the quality if we got a week off. That’s why I spend monday and tuesday reading researchmaterial and looking at old photos. For my story I needed to write reconstruction of an event in my family’s history. I chose to write about the big flood that happened in 1953 in the south of The Netherlands (where I’m from). I told the story of how my grandfather survived, but watched many acquintences die. He went through things that I can’t even imagine. I don’t want to know how many corpses he held. While these are very sad happenings that may never be forgotten, there is another side to my grandfather’s story. It just so happens to be the story of my grandfather and grandmother, because granddad had to move to the province Gelderland for a while. Here he met the woman he would spend the rest of his life with, my grandmother. The water took life, but also gave him a new one. I think this story conveys the most important message ever told: that there is light in even the darkest of times. I’m proud to be able to share it with the world.

Wednesday I had a little break. It was time to party at Rebecca’s. She officially said goodbye to her teens, because she turned twenty years old. This party proved that you don’t have to take on big activities to have a good time. Sometimes there’s nothing more you need than food and good company. We sat there for hours and hours while we ate and talked. Rebecca had everything covered. She fed us chocolate pie, crisps, popcorn, nuts and not to mention lots of meat, salad and bread with butter. It was delicious. Of course it’s not the food that matters, but the good time we had.
When Rebecca opened my present I could see her eyes start to shine. I’ve made her a poster of her bunnies combined with her blog. Is it bad to say that I’m also a little in love with the gift I gave her?

I didn’t have to miss Rebecca and Natascha for too long, because on fridays we went to a book fair. I also took Amy with me, because she loves to read as well. Who can say no to cheap books? I know I can’t. Obivously, because I took eight books with me. Then again, that is far below the usual standard of what is generally bought per person. I checked out for about €36. What a steal! The greatest deal was J.K Rowling’s ‘The Casual Vacancy’ which only cost me six euros. You still pay twenty euros for that book in regular stores, while most English books cost around 10 euros. I’m still wowed. Now I know how all those American couponladies feel.

SAMSUNGThese are my treasurefinds of the week. Eek! I’m really happy with each and every one of them. I can’t wait to start reading, although if I am totally honest I still have a lot of books waiting to be read. Several of them I’ve bought at the last bookfair I went to. Oops.

On saturday I started writing the story for the assignment. I was surprised that I finished it in a day. I’m pleased with the end result. I’ve also made sure my grandmother read it. I’ve interviewed her for the piece, so she owed me one. I’m proud to say that she loved it. It’s nice to know that I honored my grandfather in the right way. Today was a day like most weekends of mine. Nothing but relaxation and some gaming (Guild Wars 2).

gw806This is one of my Guild Wars 2 characters. Yeah, her armor is a little… revealing. It’s really too bad that all the somewhat nice/higher leveled female armors make you look like a perverted male player. Sigh.

No NaNoWriMo?  Ehm.. yeah. I did start! But I only wrote 1103 words this fridaynight. I should keep up writing, but there’s this anime movie waiting for me after I’ve posted this blogpost. These procastination rituals mean that I’m kind of stuck. I did think of a genius tumblr username for one of the characters: CaptainThoreal. But that’s about my only achievement for this story so far. Not looking good and it’s only the first week. Oh dear.

Next week I do have to go to school, but it’s also time for fun. I’m finally going to see my good friend Amber again. She lives the closest by out of all of my friends, but she’s a very busy person. I can’t blame her. I’m just very happy that we get to have one of our dinnernights again.


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