Welcome to my Life 4

I’ll try to make this a weekly thing. Every sunday I will try to tell you guys what it is I did this week. With little stories about interesting things that happened. Scratch the little. Knowing myself they’ll probably be a little longer than that.

First of all, this update is super late. It’s only the fourth one and I already can’t keep it up anymore. Sorry about that. Second I’m not even sure of all the things that I did last week anymore, but I’ll try to remember them.

Because I had a monday off school didn’t start until tuesday. For me it’s better this way, because that means I don’t have to get up early to catch the train to Tilburg. I often spend the weekends at my parents house, so that’s quite a long journey. I usually have to get up at 7 am. This probably isn’t all that early, but I am not a morning person. I’m not one of those girls that has a whole morning ritual to wake up early and do her make-up and hair. I envy your willpower for those who can do that. I’m just that lazy that I prefer to be in bed for as long as possible (or longer than possible).
On tuesday we went to the Textielmuseum in Tilburg to kick-off the new project of this minor course (Creative Writing) that I’m taking right now. We are going to write chapters in groups about worker families that lived in 1900. Currentely I’m not really that excited, but that may come. Perhaps we stumble upon a really interesting story. I do feel like there’s not really a chance to express yourself in this assignment, which makes it seem a little more boring for me. However I’m not saying this sucks, because we haven’t properly started our research yet.

The lesson on wednesday was more my cup of tea. Neske Beks will be giving us three lessons to guide us to the so-called ‘free assignment’, in which we can come up with our own writing project. She gave us three little exercises, one of which I’d never done. For the first exercise she showed us two pictures and we had to give live to one of the characters that we were free to make up. We had 15 minutes. One of the pictures showed a boy with big glasses and an obviously forced smile. Although his lips formed a grin, his eyes did not smile with him. That was why there was something disturbing about this picture. My first intuition was that the boy had to be bullied, but to me that was too obvious. So a story about a little boy that had lost his mother started to take shape in my head. Then I started to write how he and his teacher talked outside on the schoolgrounds, while the other mothers came to pick up their children. The boy continued to smile, but was confonted by weird looks of the older women. In fact his mother had died not that long ago, but yet the boy kept smiling. In the last part he hopes his mother will come running onto the schoolgrounds, late as usual. I’m quite proud of this story that I thought of and wrote in 15 minutes. When I read this to get feedback I was glad to hear Neske Beks thought it was a beautiful story. In Dutch we say: “Je bent een fijne pen”, which literally means you have a nice pen, but can be interpetated as I like your writingstyle. We also had to write a scenario, which I had never done. The nice thing about this minor is that I get triggered to try new things. I’m a person that needs a little push to come to greatness.

On thursday I finally got Amy to measure me for an Asami Sato (Legend of Korra) cosplay. Cosplay means the making and wearing of a costume of a character from a tv-series, comic, movie or game (often Japanese but lately you see more western characters). I used to go to a lot of Japanese anime/manga conventions with friends when I was in high school. To me these were moments where we could be completely myself, although that started to change for me a little. I started dressing up as certain characters that I felt were expected of me and this didn’t make me feel accepted at all. Even on conventions I felt more concious about the way I looked than what I wore in real life. While cosplay should be a celebration of being yourself, it had been for my friends. That’s why I strayed from cosplaying and conventions in the recent past. It started to become less a part of me. However, for a school assignment I had to do a story. I chose to do something I felt was gravely misunderstood in the media; cosplay. I intervieuwed Clueless Vision and Shiro. Their passion for the hobby grabbed me again. I remembered all the fun times I had with friends and thus I want to venture into the cosplayworld again. Asami has been a character that has inspired me. She’s at her best when she’s the independant businesswoman that can stand up for her own rights. I know she’s just a cartoon character, but she has traits that I wish I had more. That’s why this is so important to me. I always feel a little embarrassed talking about this, but that’s bullshit. This is something I like to do. That’s why I commissioned this cosplay at Clueless Vision, who will make it for me with their eye for detail and love for the show. Maybe one day I talk myself into upgrading my currentely non-excisting sewing skills.

asami full bodyThe cosplay that I want to do is this version.

On Fridays I read an interesting Facebook update from Imagine Dragons. It contained a link to their EMA performance for only 5 euros. Let me get this straight. I spend my earlier teens glued to MTV and the former TMF. Music has always been a big source of inspiration and interest. I remember watching the awards shows and thinking one day I’m going to be in that audience (of course there was also daydreaming of me on that stage, but let’s not mention this again). Yet it never really happened. When I read that the EMAs would be in Amsterdam I have to say I got my hopes up. However tickets were impossible to get. You either had to audition to even be a part of the audience or you had to be selected to even have the chance to BUY a ticket. Although this was highly unfair I was quickly over it. Seeing Miley Cyrus’ behavior and my reaction to it has made me realize that I am no longer part of the teen generation. It’s weird to realize that, but I am not part of the swag team. I am however a fan of Imagine Dragons. I’ve been listening to their album for months and can probably sing all the songs by heart. They have quickly become one of my favorite bands. Of course I doubted when I saw the ticket. Is this real? What exactly am I buying here? How will I get back home? But then I envisioned being out there and looking up at that stage with them standing there. Even while daydreaming a huge energy overcame  me. So then I just bought the tickets and got really excited.

On Saturday it was time for the birthday party of my uncle and aunt. My parents had told me at least four times every weekend that I needed to be there. And so I was there. My aunt and uncle were actually suprised that we came, but it did make them really happy. It’s reactions like this that make it all worth it. It’s nice to know we were welcome.

EMA ID lookLike I mentioned before, I am really bad getting out of bed early and do my make-up, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like dressing up and pampering myself for special events. I can get really excited creating my (makeup)look in my mind.

But then sunday the real party started. I didn’t have a lot of time to get used to the idea of getting to see Imagine Dragons live, but the whole day I was nervous as hell. I was also anxious of what to expect. We had not been informed of the scedule. We did know that we ‘had’ to look at the red carpet and part of the EMA show on a big screen. The event took place in the Heineken Music Hall, which is only miles away from Ziggo Dome, where the ‘real’ thing took place. It was so bizarre to be within a kilometre of Bruno Mars and Katy Perry, yet not actually be there. So close, but yet so far away. During the show we still didn’t know what to expected. Amy and I only knew our ‘deadline’. We had to get back to the train that departed at eleven o’clock. I spend my night being (over)excited to being dissapointed to being anxious to screaming my longues out being hyperactive. I got my hopes up and then let them fade. I repeated this about ten times throughout the event. At ten o’clock the host told us they were going to be there soon. Before this he had told them we would get five or six songs, which was way more than I hoped for. It took more than a half hour for them to be on stage. The band started out with Amsterdam and immediately set the tone. They gave us their energy and we gave it back. Imagine Dragons played what we wanted to hear and it was magicial. There’s something about that bond you and the artist share in a concert. I got overwhelmed by this rush of pure energy. I’m a shy person, but it didn’t matter if people heard me sing along (sorry for any earbleeding), saw me jump up and down and saw me put my hands in the air. It was like a trance. Then they played On Top of the World and for a moment I felt it. Yet time was closing in. I checked my phone and it was already 22.45. I felt like Cinderella stuck on a curfew. My ball was over. The only difference is that I didn’t leave any objects behind. If I did can my prince come and return it, please?

Next week you will read the story about how my teacher called my ability to write a gift and more. Much more. This is offically my longest WTML yet. TL;DR?

PS: Why is this entire post almost the entire amount I have written for NaNoWriMo so far? Ugh.


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