Welcome to my Life 5

I’ll try to make this a weekly thing. Every sunday I will try to tell you guys what it is I did this week. With little stories about interesting things that happened. Scratch the little. Knowing myself they’ll probably be a little longer than that.

On Tuesday we spend our day at a centre with lots of documents from over hundred years ago. Even though the minor course I’m taking right now is called Creative Writing, my Journalism study also decided to incorperate a little of Data Journalism. This is my first real venture into this Journalism sidebranch. I’m not sure if this is for me. I can see why it can be very excited, but only if the subject you’re trying to find information about is really something close at heart. I’m trying to find this project interesting, but it’s rather hard, because it all happened so long ago. I used to love old stories and imaging what older times would be like, but somehow this just doesn’t click.

The day after that I had my first exam of the year. We were asked essaylike questions about Dutch(and Flemish) literature we had to read in class. It was so much easier than I expected! I actually felt like I knew quite a lot of answers. All the other exams I have to make deal with a really annoying system. When you get a right awnser you get a point, but if you get something wrong than they take a point. There’s also an option when you fill in a question mark, which means you can’t be wrong or right, so your score stays the same. This system makes you have to calculate how much answers you have to fill in. Which is pretty hard if you don’t have any mathskills.
Thank god this test was different and I think it paid off. Today I read that I had scored a 8,2 out of 10. I was NOT expecting that one.

After this test we had to do some writing exercises again. This time we had to take pieces of poems we were given and try to write something about them. The piece I chose had some keyelements: violets, moss, elysium, butterflies, 1000 years and lights. I tried to incorperate them all in a little story about seeds of violets that had remarkely been nesting themselves into the moss and only felt comfortable to come out when it was finally spring. I don’t really have a special connection to nature, so I didn’t feel very connected to my own piece. When everyone was done writing we all had to stand into a circle (awkward~) and when you felt like it you could read there story. I notice every time that only the same people feel comfortable enough to read something out loud. Of course people don’t have to read what they’ve written, but it’s kind of a shame that they let this change slip. Especially since after reading it out loud means you get feedback from the teacher, which has really helped me in these few weeks. Even if people told me it was wonderful (actually that has helped me the most, because I really needed to believe I had talent again). However I tried not to read my story this time, because I wanted to give others a change to prove themselves (to themself?). It didn’t really work. All the same people that always read out there stories went for it again. Maybe I should just give up on it. It’s just that I’m curious about the other writers in our class as well. All the others that do read out what they write are actually really good and a joy to listen to.  The teachers however was dissapointed that none of the girls seemed to give it a shot. I confessed that I had not spoken up, because I wanted to give others a chance. She kind of ignored it, but did ask me to share it with the group. As soon I was finished a boy shouted: “I really can’t write like THAT.” Especially since I had written a lot of words about violets. Bea Nobbe, our teacher, then said that I was an ‘easy writer’. Writing comes easy to me, she explained. “It’s a gift”, she added. I was really happy to hear this, but also felt a little uncomfortable due to such a big compliment. So I just mumbled “well, it can also be a burden. Sometimes you write too much and-” Of course no one replied to my mumbling statement.

I also managed the impossible this week. I seriously screwed up cooking rice. I know, it’s considered, as one of the things that can’t go wrong. Well, I proof you wrong. I was cooking curry rice, a Japanese version of Indian curry, and it was not going as it should have. I put way too less water in the pan and then decided to get back to my room, because the curry needed to stirr for a little longer. But then I slowly started to smell a burning smell. I immediately got up to the kitchen to find that much of my rice had already turned into kohl. I’m an idiot. Just putting that out there. The pan couldn’t be saved anymore, but of course I bought a new one. Even though the rice failed, the curry was still delicious.

Wednesday really was a busy day, because I finally saw Amber again. We had a fun time as always. We ate Kapsalon, our number one guilty pleasure fastfood (döner with salad with french fries, cheese and garlic sauce), watched Sherlock, laughed a lot as usual, drank lemonade and finally were able to catch up on our lives. I only know Amber for about a year now, but it’s like I’ve known her for a longer period than that. It’s crazy to think how fast we ‘bonded’, but – as cliché as it may sound- I couldn’t do without her anymore :). I also went for a testride in her new electric wheelchair. I think I gotta get me one of those ;).

Here I am in Amber’s self-proclaimed ‘racemonster’

It was my dad’s birthday on a thursday, but I didn’t see him before fridaynight. Natascha, Rebecca and I had decided to work on our assignment about the industrial textileworkers from Tilburg in the 1900s. That took way longer than we expected, but fortunately I could relax at Amy’s with some delicious Chinese food and Adventure Time. Am I the only one that has shows that are linked to certain friends? Like Amber and I  have our Sherlock nights, just like Amy and I have our Adventure Time … time?


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