Welcome to my Life 6

I’ll try to make this a weekly thing. Every sunday I will try to tell you guys what it is I did this week. With little stories about interesting things that happened. Scratch the little. Knowing myself they’ll probably be a little longer than that.

Tuesday brought us another day at the muniment room. Our class has been assigned several questions in smaller groups. We had to look up the sales volume. Who would have thought that could be so difficult? We already went to the wrong place last Friday and this time around the documents we needed were in another place! We’ll finally be able to look at them tomorrow. Luck is not on our side. We did spend five to six hours in that place. Our other classmates forgot to tell us that it wasn’t obligatory to come at a certain time. Natascha and Rebecca spend six hours looking at old documents and trying to do this assignment. We deserved to get a treat after that. Since Rebecca had to make an exam at school she couldn’t go home yet, so she had asked us if we wanted to go out for dinner with her. Another classmate of ours had told us about a cheap italian restaurant I have wanted to check out since I knew of its existince.

So we went to Happy Italy in Tilburg. It was so good! Mouthwatering tastes welcomed us with our first steps of entering. Modern stylish design is mixed with the building of an old shack. Paintings of the Golden olden rolemodels like Audrey Hepburn painted with bright colors covered the walls. The whole restaurant is an interesting mixture of revamped old touches in a distinct modern style. It’s one of those places that make you feel cool to eat there, because it looks so freakishly stylish. Or am I just lame for thinking that?

Forget all prejudices that a Italian restaurant should be full of traditional italian elements or any other judgement of the interior, it’s obviously all about the food. The restaurant works on a ‘hipper’ image, which doesn’t include all traditional standard italian dishes like lasanga. All the ingredients are actually gathered from local farmers. I think this is a good intiative, but I did miss the chance to order lasanga. When I took my first bite of my pizza, I didn’t really care any more. It doesn’t have a really thick bottom, but all ingredients make your tastebuds water.

Excuse me for taking a bite  before taking the picture. It was that good (and I’m new and not very commited to this blogging thing)

It’s already decided that I will be going back. Perhaps in a few weeks or so when I celebrate my birthday. Happy Italy also has some really good homemade desserts. Do check out the menu card. Can you believe those prices? One of the biggest pizzas I ever had for a whopping 8 euros! If you’re in the area, go there. They also have the same place in Rotterdam and other cities. Also, I’m not a big eater, so I couldn’t finish my pizza. That wasn’t a problem at all, since they just put it in a box for me so I could take my leftovers home. Apparentely this is a service that’s normal in more restaurants. Why wasn’t I aware of this sooner? I wasted so much precious food because of my stupid small tummy T_T.

On wednesday I had to pitch my story idea to a class. This also wasn’t my lucky day. The bus decided not to show up, so I was running late. I also think I didn’t really get my idea across properly. I talked way too fast, said a bunch of shit and then felt really embarrassed. Maybe I shouldn’t only have focused on the idea, but also on the presentation of it all. I know my weakness and yet I choose to ignore it every time. If I had only prepared my pitch it would have been much better.
My story idea is to write about a boy that has been molested as a younger child and has still issues with his sexuality. I always read stories about girls being raped, but you never read much about boys. Stories of girls should be told. I only wish it wouldn’t have to be told, but unfortunately it does. It just struck me that it’s so expected of boys to constantely think about sex that I was really interested in writing about a boy that his issues with that. I’m going to write from two perspectives. The boy and his girlfriend who lives in the same studentdorm as him. I’ve decided to let my characters live in the same city as I do, so I can put details about the vibe and setting in the story. I’ve taken on such a hard topic as rape because I want to challenge myself. In one of the lessons we learned about our inner censorship. My inner cencorship gets triggered when I have to write about sex and I want to challenge that. I want to surpass my limits, because I think it will benefit me as a writer and person.

On Thursday I took a Dutch exam. It’s pretty embarrassing that as a native Dutch journalism student that’s the only test I’ve yet to complete. Let’s hope I make it this time. If I do I’m back on track.

Amy and I both wanted to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Thor2. We went to see Catching Fire first and thought it was so good that we didn’t even go to Thor anymore. I’m a huge fan of the books by Suzanne Collins, especially the second installment. I’m so happy they did it justice. I honestely think it’s one of the best book adaptions out there. Catching Fire is certaintely my favorite movie of 2013. One of the most heartwrenching scenes from the book is when Katniss and Peeta go to Rue’s town on their victor tour. That’s when they first get personally confronted with the rebellion and the impact they can have. I love that the seemingly coldhearted Katniss gets so emotional that she has to say something about Rue. But then there’s the sign of respect that’s so powerful. When reading the book I felt a lump in my throat and seeing this powerful scene translated on the movie nearly had me in tears. For me this is one of the most powerful scenes in the entire series.


It was a pity that we were surrounded by teenage girls who were totally jizzing in their pants for either Peeta or Gale.
I like the love triangle, but for me that’s not what it’s about. I love The Hunger Games because of their powerful political message. What could really happen when an entire nation is led by a leader that is so driven by fear that he enslaves all the other districts. I love how this series shows the actions and reactions of a nation dying to change. I know who Katniss is going to get with in the end, but honestly I couldn’t even care less if she got with Finnick or Haymitch. All I cared about was seeing the Mockingjay light up an entire nation without intending to and her path to trying to strike down a corrupt leader. I guess my preferences are a little different than your average teenage girl. I am glad that a series like Hunger Games is getting populair, because the storytelling is much more phenomonal than the horror that was Twilight. Even if some teenagers have a hard time understanding it, One of the Peeta fangirls asked who the real enemy was when Finnick told Katniss to remember who the real enemy was. I mean.. REALLY? *facepalm*  I’m eagerly awaiting the DVD-release. I might just go to the cinemas again, which I seriously never, ever do.

For the rest of the weekend I just did some gaming on Guild Wars 2. I also tried out something for a character on my original story Intertwined. I might post the snippet that I wrote.

This week I’m going to see one of idols and biggest influences as a writer: Maria Mena. I am beyond excited. It’s only one day away, but I just can’t grasp it. I’ve been a fan for about eight years now, so it’s surreal. I should probably make a seperate post for my Maria Mena experience ;).


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