Dear Wifi

Dear Wifi,

I remember when I first laid eyes on a wifi connection. It must have been around ten years ago. Perhaps even at this time of the year: my birthday.
Sometimes you just know it clicks. I knew when I entered the password. You took me to places I’d never thought existed. I’ve met friends through you. You make me feel connected. You encouraged me to share my writing with others. This has gained me confidence, as a writer and a person. I’m a better person because of you. I truly believe that. I don’t care what others say. That I’m obsessed or that they don’t understand what I see in you. I’m aware of their words, but they can’t hurt me. They can’t hurt what we have. Can they?

There are times when you are leaving me. The past couple of days you seem to come and go by the second. What did I do wrong, Wifi? Did my tumblr dash make you see things that you wish you didn’t?
I know that you are still young, wifi. We’ve only met a couple of weeks ago. They replaced my old connection with you. I’ve only known that fella for two years, but he’s never let me down as much as you. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just being real here. You can’t just cut off my connection and let my other housemates keep connecting to you. I’m not asking you to be a slut, I’m just asking you to give us our fair share of what we paid for. You only had one job. To connect me to my social media, games and streaming devices. All I’m asking you is to be there for when I need you. With you I want to make time for adventures, fight in guild wars, keep an eye out on Sherlock and be stuck at home while other kids are trapped in strange lands. Is that really too much to ask?

Maybe you’re not feeling well. I know this is all new for you and it has to be a lot to take in. But they promised me you could do it. They promised me you would be faster than your successor.
I still want to believe in you. I’m giving you another chance. Two if you need  that. But then please, don’t let me down. The truth is I need you. I know you think I’m just using you to get to others. That you’re just a pawn in my game. But you’re not.
Let me tell you a secret. Sometimes I like to have some one on one time with you. Don’t you enjoy the time we have spent so far? I guess what I’m trying to say is that I like you. I really want this to work, but you have to help me out here. Please, be there for me, wireless internet connection.

Your Rowie

PS: Did I mention it was my 21st birthday yet? I’m not trying to be the victim here but you’re really low for leaving me on my birthday.


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