Favorites of the year: TV & movies

One of my internet pasttimes is watching girls talk about their monthly favorite things. There’s something really cool about seeing people talk about things they love. They get passionate and almost start to glow from excitement. It’s one of the best moods to see someone in, I think.
I have been thinking about doing monthly post about my favorites, but since I can’t even manage to post updates about what I’ve done every week, I think I’ll just stick to posting some favorites of 2013. Today I present the first part: TV & Movies.


(fanmade artwork by Alice X. Zhang)

If there’s one show I’ve been loving this year it’s BBC’s Sherlock. Amber and I watched all episodes and we’re dying to see the new one. The show gives new life to a classical story in such a way that is Britishly humorous, thrilling and sometimes even gutwrenching. Amazing acting and screenwriting with really good cinemagraphy. I dislike reading reviews that say things like there’s only one thing I hate and that is that this series is too short, but I just can’t say anything else about this.



Yet another BBC show, but this is just too good. Merlin tells the story of the Arthurian legend in a whole new way. This time Merlin is not an old man, but a young lad that must hide his magic if he wishes to stay alive at Camelot. This BBC familyshow has really good character development, some good laughs, emotional scenes and above all: magic. I think I decided to start watching this in 2012, but I finished it in 2013 so it still counts. I’ve had so many fangirling Merlin moments this year. It was one of the highlights of a trip Amy and I took to Edinburgh (imagine all the puns we could make at Arthur’s Seat).

Legend of Korra


No surprise here. I think about 80% of my blogposts so far have had some kind of reference to this animation series. The sequel to Avatar finally got its second season this year and I’ve been hooked again. Although watching back it did lack some character development. Nevertheless I love the way this show intertwines western and eastern point of views, has good writing overall, interesting ideas and really good motivation and political background – especially for a kid’s show. This year my favorite episodes were those of the first Avatar ever: Wan. These were executed really well and the story had about everything: a goal and a conflict for the character to overcome, with an everlasting effect on the world as they know it. I also love that the creators sometimes use real events as a message we can learn from.

Catching Fire


This is by far my favorite movie of the year. It captured the feeling of one of my favorite books wonderfully. Catching Fire holds a really strong political message. It’s the parts about the oppressing government and the revolution that make this so outstanding. To me Catching Fire gives us a bit of a warning. Let’s not become like Panem. Sometimes I feel like the new generation tends to lose itsself with all the new ways of communication. Kids these days seem to have become more rude and selfish. Would they help others if it gets in the way of their entertainment? In a way that generation reminds me a little of the Capitol. Although Panem in itsself is a really impressive world that feels so real. As I’ve said before, the love triangle does contribute to the story but it’s not what it’s about. It’s about a girl trying to save her nation from the enslavement of the rich with an effect she is not fully aware of.
I’ll stop now. I could go on about this for ages ;).

Once Upon a Time


If you haven’t noticed by now I like fantasy stories. Realms where I can escape and get soaked into imaginary problems are kind of my thing. Fairytales are no exception. I don’t remember if I started this show this or last year. However I’m still in love with it. It’s got the magical feeling of a fairy tale, but with a dark twist. The stories we grew up with get retold in a way you could have never imagined. Thankfully in the latest season they show that a villian is evil because that what the surroundings have caused. One of my biggest irritations in life is when people think a person is only good or bad. It’s shallow, childish and ignorant to think that way. I’m really glad more and more stories show that an ‘evil’ person isn’t all that he/she seems. Humans have more than one side to them.
Also, Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin is one of the best things to have happened in this show. His storylines are amazing. Man, that man can act!

Adventure Time

adventer tiem

I’ve only been watching this for about a month or so, but it’s way better than I expected. Adventure Time is a fun cartoon with nice popculture references and just all over epicness. It’s another ‘kid’s show’ but one with several layers. Finn, the last human on a land called Ooh ventures through the land with his brother from another mother Jake the dog. Filled with all kinds princesses, penguins, vampires and all kinds of weird but cool creatures. I guess you could say this show is a little weird, but that’s what makes it so cool. My favorite character so far is Marceline because she’s badass, plays bass, has daddy issues (seriously, I always like the characters with bad parents. Zuko, Asami, Murtagh from Eragon and now Marceline Aberdeer. I don’;t even know what’s up.) and actually has a really neat character design. I think I want to cosplay as her.

marceline aberdeer


3 thoughts on “Favorites of the year: TV & movies

  1. Lebonbonaucassis says:

    Funny ! you and I like the same TV series . . . exept the legend of Korra that I don’t know and Adventure Time that I can’t stand !

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