Short hair

I am a natural curly girl. Maintaing my hair has never been easy. Everyone that has sleek hair might dream of having natural curly hair, but they don’t know how hard it is to take care of. I’ll admit that I couldn’t do it with my long hair.

Here I am with long hair. You can see a sneek peak if my bewildered roots on my shoulder. Photo by Elize IJzenbrandt.

What is this? Medusa’s hair?

I held on to my dream of having lush healthy long hair for too long. I wanted the glamorous curls that just weren’t do-able for me. I’m a lazy person when it comes to doing my hair and make-up.

Whenever I had a knot it took me three hours to comb it out. You may think I am over exaggerating, but I’m not. I counted the hours as they strolled by! My arm felt heavy ten minutes in. When I finally got a knot out, it would be back again the next morning. Granted, this only happened in the ‘last stages’ of my dying hair, but it was insane. Obviously I didn’t comb it that much (which makes curly hair really frizzy anyway).

I didn’t know what I was doing wrong, but I knew something had to stop. I decided to go to the hairdressers with a picture of short hair. I was worried that it wouldn’t fit my facetype or that I just simply hated it. I also wasn’t looking forward to wild curls that would curl up on their own will.

[insert drumroll]

IMG_0119 IMG_0124

IMG_0126 the sushi times

Here I am with my short hair! I have to say I am loving it more and more. I’ve also tried sweaping my bangs to the side and using a bobbypin to pin one side of my hair back. I keep on telling everyone that I should have done this more and more. It looks healthier and I can comb through my hair in a minute ;).

What is your hairtype? Do you have trouble maintaining it? What is the hair you wish you had? Let me know in the comments.


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