Favorites of the year: food

I have posted some of my favorite books and movies + tvshows of 2013 in past posts. I know we’re already in the second month of the new year, but I wanted to post these nevertheless. Who doesn’t like food?

Red velvet cupcake

Photo by im-horngry.tumblr.com

These things are delicious. They are the perfect combination of sugary sweet with a little spice. I’d never thought I’d like cream cheese icing. These cupcakes are my go to whenever they’re in stock at a coffeeshop. I tasted my first ones at a little flea market. They were by Tea(Cup)Cake. I really think I need to go to one of their cupcake tastings now that I am thinking about those cupcakes. I think I bought two!
My love for red velvet isn’t limited to cupcakes. I tried some red velvet cake at Waterstones in Edinburgh after climbing Arthur’s Seat. Even after being very hungry and exhausted I was stuffed. With heavenly sweet goodness.

Fudge by The Fudge House


Last summer I went on a citytrip to Scotland’s capital. When I had taken my first bite out of these I decided I probably would go back to Edinburgh just to get some more of these. I wasn’t a huge fan of fudge before this. I liked the taste, but prefered chocolate. Not when these came along. They were incredibly soft and tender. It really felt like a luxurious product. I really hold onto them for as long as I managed. That sums up my biggest fight against temptation of 2013 :P. I really recommend the Pistachio & White Chocolate flavour. I think it was my fave, although Mocha Coffee Cream was also pure heaven. Yep, it’s decided. I need to go back.

Happy Italy in Tilburg


My best find of the year is this ‘fast’ Italian restaurant in my hometown. They serve the best pizza for a price range that’s about 6 to 15 euros. Hands down the best pizza I ever had and you know it means a lot when I say this. I mean, who can decide the best pizza? Pizza is always good. This one is great, though. The crust isn’t very thick, but this encreases the taste of the topping. All the ingredients taste like they’ve just been delivered. Also, this restaurant has a great interior design.


pesto pizza

See that green stuff on my pizza? That’s pesto ladies and gentlemen, also known as the green paste that I need to put on just about everything. I got really addicted to this. I eat it with rice, toast, pizza, grilled cheesus and pasta. Anyone know any other uses for this? Maybe I just need to start putting it on my sandwiches with a spread of butter. I even order pesto when I’m out of the country like in this photo. It was taken at an Italian restaurant that has lots of store chains all over Britain. I think it was called Bella Italia, but I’m not quite sure. When I was in London last year we ate several times at this place.

Fish & Chips


I heard so many good stories about Fish & Chips for years that I needed to try it. Usually when you hear a lot about something it gets hyped, but this was so good. The batter was crispy but defined. This place was in Edinburgh. They claimed to have the best fish and chips in town. Usually I’m sceptical about this, but after tasting this I’m not so sure. Guess I’ll have to try all the places when I visit again ;).


Photo by Stéphanie Kilgast

I would eat sushi all day, every day if I could. Too bad it’s so expensive. I love the fresh taste of sushi. My favorites are (spiced) salmon, kappa maki and grilled cheese sushi. You either love or hate this. I love it and try to eat it at least once a month. It’s just that good.

Homemade risotto


I’m not the best cook there is, but this is one dish I serve with pride. As you can see I love my Italian food. I’d always heard about this dish, so I decided to make it. I modified a recipe I found online to my own taste. I frequentely make this. I use green union as a base, then I add the risotto rice, then comes the vegatable stock. Once the stock has really soaked into the rice several times I stir some red bellpepper and mozerella with it. That’s all there is to it. Unfortunately this takes 40 minutes to make.

Japanese curry

Another Japanese dish that I enjoy. I first got introduced to this several years ago when my Japanese studying friends introduced it. It’s supposed to be a no-fail recipe, but I couldn’t help failing a bit at it xD. Even if your dish fails it’s still super delicious. I use Golden Curry paste myself, because it’s the only one they have at my Asian supermarket. It’s good. I don’t eat a lot of potatoes, but I need them in my curry. It’s definately food that feeds you well.
These are my favorite food related things of 2013. Chocolate is a life favorite, so that doesn’t need its own category in this list ;). Do you have any favorite foods? Is there anything I must try? I’m always willing to try new things.

A thing that I didn’t like so much this year was Chinese food, because I got foodpoisoning for two days when I tried some. I still haven’t eaten any to date. I’m a little scared to try again.





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