I’ve got 99 problems and you are one

Stop running when things get hard
This takes me back
to the time I broke your heart
Why do I even bother?

Here I sit waiting again
Been here too many times before
This wasn’t part of my plan
You just run off without a word

Did you think I was going to hold back
We both know I’m as real as it can get
I really hope you get back on track
But stop getting offended by the truth

Yo, why are you ignoring me?
I’d rather have a fight
than to feel this lonely
But we’ll do it all again

If you really want to go
Leave me with a note
and just fucking say so
Cause I didn’t get the memo

And I still want you to come back
I know I’m crazy
but we keep each other in check
Is that the white lie you want to hear

What do you want me to say
“Your behavior is very normal
and it’s totally not getting in your way”
Just because you know, doesn’t mean I can’t mention it

Yo, why can’t I speak up to you?
You cry every time
But I just wanna get through to you
Next time this’ll happen again

And what’s up with the way you get down
when I just need something to nag about
You cry so much you just might drown
You know I’m just saying

I say too much
and you say way too less
Can we get back in touch
Cause I’m not leaving until I get a whatsapp

Needing your space isn’t pararell
to me shutting my mouth
You know this very well
Don’t we have enough problems

I’ll just sing my anthems
That are directed at a certain someone
I’ve got 99 problems
and you are one


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