I guess you didn’t get the memo
That I’ve been waiting on you for years
I’ve never even met you
but I’m holding back my tears

I don’t know who invented tears
These salty useless mechanisms
They’re only fuelling my fears
I swear it’s just bugs that flew into my eyes

Why am I not good enough?
Why can’t they see I’m worth it?
I just want to be loved
But I guess I’m still asking too much

And it’s not your fault
I get it, you didn’t know
But if I may be so bold
You’re welcome anytime now

I’m really happy for her
I can say that from the truest place in my heart
I just wish I could feel like she does
Tell me where do I start


#100happydays challenge

I’ve been feeling a little down last week. During the weekend I’ve gone back to a negative place in my life where I feel like I’m obligated to go to once in a while (ooh, mysterious). I’m sad to say that it got to me a little bit.

I guess that’s why I want to give the #100happydays challenge a shot. The next hundered days I have to take a picture of something that makes me happy. I think this is a wonderful way to learn to appreciate what I have and how lucky I am with all these good things around me. It will be my search for positivity, which is something I should strive for any day anyway. Even if I’ll be part of the 71% of contestants that doesn’t make it, I think it will be a good personal journey for me to go through.

But it won’t be just a personal journey. It’s also part of a little ‘experiment’ I’m doing with my fellow, brand new, magazine students. Someone that’s already doing it introduced this to our teacher and she thought it was a fun thing to do with people that wanted to participate with her. I was doubting to do this at first, but I’m going to try. Because I feel like this is a good way to look at what I have here. We’re going to see who’s the first that will ‘fail’. Even though I might not make it through 100 days I hope I won’t fail by learning to see the happy moments. Even on days when I’m off.

I officially started today, so I’ve already got my first post up. It’s in Dutch because I’m posting it on my social network which I usually use to connect to my Dutchies. Are you guys interested in following this as well? If so, I could do one in English. Maybe I’ll keep you guys updated.

And if we’re talking about following things through: I should really post more blogs. I’m so bad at maintaining blogs even though I love to write the blogposts.