#100happydayschallenge update

I failed. I failed three times. I did manage to take a picture for 30 days straight, but on day 31 I was ten minutes late. It wasn’t because I didn’t know what to take a picture of. Actually, I had thought of a few ideas that day. I just pushed them off, because I was having dinner with a friend. Usually I’d stop and post the picture on Instagram but I always felt a little weird and unsocial doing that. Because the world should be around us and not on the screens of our mobile devices. But that’s what this challenge is about! It’s about finding something that made you smile, how small or big that might be. I didn’t expect any groundbreaking discoveries while I did this challenge and of course they didn’t happen. While I was making the pictures I didn’t feel any happier, but it was nice to take time to appreciate the happiness I was already feeling. Although on some days it was a hassle to think of something to photograph.

I really didn’t know what to choose this day. So I just saw one of my favorite sweaters laying around and took a picture. This was one of the moments where I felt obligated to just post something instead of something that really made me happy. Thank god I also made some better pictures. Like a selfie I took in my Asami cosplay at the trainstation at the village where I grew up. This is a pretty conservative village, like most small countryside places tend to be. I always feel selfconsious when going out in cosplay in public, while I have every right to express myself. Especially my Asami cosplay since it feels so much better than any other c(r)os(s)play ever has! Yet I feel nervous because I know I will stand out in the crowd (even though that shouldn’t be very new to me considering I have very pale skin and a really dark haircolor).

asami selfie
After 30 days of posting nonstop I did continue further. But after that there are still some gaps in between. I also noticed people really liked seeing what I could think of for this challenge in the first weeks, but after that I got asked how I managed to pull through a month of posting a picture every day. To my surprise it didn’t get annoying much quicker :). I’m stuck at number 59 now. I think I’ll continue making these because I do enjoy it. It is still a nice way to learn to see the small things in life. I guess I’m just bummed that I won’t get my photobook with my 100 pictures.

This  was my latest picture. Follow me on instagram @rowwiie to see the other ones.


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