The cheap collection: 35 euros

I found out I only have 35 euros left and it’s the start of the month. *insert curse of your choosing*. I was expecting to be a little low on cash, but I forgot to add the costs of my Spotify subscription and healthcare into calculation. Granted, I am an idiot and yes, I’m now going to write down many excuses as to why I’m low on cash.

I really wanted to go to Londen. Since I’m only going to be a student for one more year I thought I’d cherish this holiday and travel no matter what. So a friend and I booked the cheapest option around: a four day trip by bus. It’s only going to be two days in London but it’s something. Also my summerholiday only started this morning so I was really busy to find a summerjob. Although I should have done that.yada yada blah blah blah.
There. Let’s not get around it. I need to survive with the little money I have. Or find a summerjob. Or go back to my parent’s home and be a sad penguin. For now I decided on the first option and that’s why this series (The Cheap Collection) was born. I’m planning to blog about my struggles, because I’m hoping you guys can give me tips about how to not be completely broke.

After surviving the weekend solely on bread, jam and pancakes with syrup (and some ramen at 12am) I decided to go for something that wouldn’t make me tired and hungry. So I decided to make borritos. Or probably just wraps. I made some kind of cheap chili con carne filling to go with them.

foto 2

The filling only excisted out of sieved tomatoes, corn, meatloaf, brown beans and a bit of ketchup. You might be thinking wow, why did you only fill half of that pan. Well, dear reader, I managed to let half of what I cooked fall onto the ground! First I couldn’t get my glass jar of brown beans open and then my pan fell into the ground (or well, I managed to save it but half of what I was cooking tumbled out). The floor looked like a B-rated movie’s murderscene. This is not my lucky day.

But it isn’t that bad since these wraps make you feel bloated in no time. I only ate two of them and was completely full. Which is a good thing because that means I can use the rest another time. This dish cost me about 4 euros (but I already had the corn laying around for a while).

foto 1

It’s probably not the most nutricious meal, but it did taste good. My budget is about 26 euros now (since I also bought some more bread and vegatables for another meal + the pancakes that I ate this weekend). I’m thinking about just getting some money from my savings account, since I’m going to meet a friend tomorrow. And then there’s also a birthday coming up. We’ll see what happens for now.

PS: For my followers that like to read my articles about writing and/or bookreviews: those will be coming up as well. Please wait a little longer.


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