Creative writing exercise #1

I just found this site in my bookmarks. I will now pick a random creative writing exercise and do it. This might actually help me to write something, anything. As you might have guessed from the lack of creativity of this title, lately I am struggling with ideas. Although I am struggling most of all with putting words on paper. I’ll start with prompt 121.

Start your story with this: “She touched the little box in her pocket and smiled.”

She touched the little box in her pocket and smiled. Soon her smile turned to a grin which left the boy wondering.
“You can see it if you want!” she shouted.
The boy bit his lip. It sounded like such a big responsibility. He stared at the ground but couldn’t find his answer there. Instead he found his shoelaces untied, again. He was sure the fairies had tricked him. If only he could see them.

She slid out her hand of her pocket. Her tiny fingers grasped around it, but could not hide the blue velvet fabric of the tiny treasure chest. Her fingers opened like a flower in bloom. What if… there was a fairy inside?
“Can I?” the boy asked with eyes that seemed as if he was looking through a magnifying glass.
She laughed. It was the sound of fairies.
“Only if you promise not to tell anyone.”

The boy pondered. He thought of the times where he never had any exciting stories to tell to his class or the time when he promised his mother he would tell her anything. His feet shuffled, kicking away the fallen leaves on which they were standing.

“You have to promise me!” she demanded and did that thing where she sucked on her cheek. He smiled shyly and reached out to grab a yellow leaf that was stuck in her red curls. Her cheeks blew up like those weird blowfish that he had read about in a book. The boy chuckled.

“Ah, sorry. I want to see it”, he quickly said.
Her huge grin was back in no time.
“I-I promise I won’t tell”, the boy whispered. He did his best version of a salute to show he really meant it. Now that he was not slouching over he felt big and important for a moment. He felt a little like his father.

Her fingers grasped the lid of the little box. Around them the leaves fell from the trees, carried by the wind. When she was about to open the box the boy felt a shudder going through him. He wasn’t sure if it was due to the cold or his excitement.

The redheaded girl slid a stroke of her hair behind her ear. She smiled at the boy, who smiled back. Both of their eyes were focused on the blue velvet. Her round green ones as well as his dark almond eyes surrounded by his glasses. She opened the box. A ray of sunshine emerged from the blue velvet.
“A pocket full of sunshine”, the boy said out of breath. He touched his glasses to see if his eyes had tricked him. That didn’t seem the case.
“Is i-it fairy magic?” he asked out loud.
The girl looked at it and seemed to consider the posibility.
“How did you come up with fairies?”
“I read about them”, he confessed.

Their eyes were locked on the ray of sunshine for a moment until it seemed too much. When the girl closed the box the boy could see colorful spots blur his vision. The girl put the little box back in her pocket and they smiled.


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