Favourites of the year: books (2014)

We all know I have been reading all year around. Not as much as I’d like but when do we ever get to read as much as we like? If only time would truly stop when we pick up a book. That way I could have finished more than 26 books this year. Alright, 6 comics and 20 books.

This was a year of discovering favorite authors before even finishing the first book I read of them, it was a year of starting to reread my favorite series ever and the year when I decided I would read 20 books that others recommended to me (of which I’ve read 2 so far). I’ve read some terrible books this year, but they don’t begin to compare to the great ones. Just don’t get me started on Your Republic is Calling You. I’m trying to forget the experience. Would you like to meet my favourite books I read in 2014? Then continue reading!

1. Rainbow Rowell – Eleanor & Park

When I finished this book I had to lock myself in my room because tears were running down my cheeks. I would not stop crying for about an hour. This scared me (I never cry!) but also made me realize I had found my new favourite author. Rainbow Rowell is like a sorcress that creates more than just magic moments. She writes about stories that feel like real life. Eleanor & Park is full of heartthrobbing about the interracial couple but also features the contrast between a normal and a broken family. The story is told through the eyes of two teenagers, the chubby redhead Eleanor and the Korean-Irish Park.

2. Diana Wynne Jones – Howl’s Moving Castle

You know what they say: never watch a movie before you read the book. I ignored that ‘rule’ in this case, because I didn’t discover the book for much, much later. If you enjoyed Hayao Miyazaki’s anime then don’t hesitate to read this. Both works are masterpieces with a bit of a different feel to them. Which isn’t just because the book has a different ending. Howl’s Moving Castle is unbelievably witty and immediately captures the reader. This book gives you the excitement of reading a good fairy tale.

3. P Craig Russell and Neil Gaiman – The Sandman: The Dream Hunters

Neil Gaiman is one of those authors you know will be good before you’ve read any of their work. Never have I read any work by a western man that felt so asian. It was as if I was reading P. Craig Rusell’s adaption of a Japanese folk tale instead of a novella by Gaiman. The story is good enough to be compared to real Japanese mythology. The art is a little different than most European comics and Japanese manga that I’ve read. It’s beautifully drawn, especially the white fox. I have to admit that I do like the collection of cover art in the back a little better than the art in the panels. I haven’t read the original The Sandman comics nor the original novella but I am very intruged.

4. J.K Rowling – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

There may be a pile of brand new books waiting to be read but sometimes you just have to revise the old favourites. I’m planning to reread the Harry Potter series all the way through. It’s been a wonderful experience so far. I love taking in all the details I forgot about. This year I have realized just how much the Harry Potter series has shaped me into the person I am today. I remember reading an article that people that read Harry Potter are more openminded, accepting and less judgemental for which I can only be grateful.

I’ve mostly picked up books that were meant for children or teenagers again. Sometimes I feel like my taste in books is a little childish. I’m not ashamed of the things I like but I would like to read some more adult novels in 2015. We’ll see if I can stick to that plan. Most of all I plan on reading books that seem interesting to me, wheter they’re meant for children or not.

Right now I’m experiencing my very first Lord of the Rings read, which is already magical in its first 30 pages. My annual Game of Thrones novel (book 3) has also been bought. I’m also planning to read some more Neil Gaiman (Coraline) and Rainbow Rowell (Attachments), and finally get around to reading The Book Thief.


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