I remembered I had a blog

Remember I had a blog? Because I sure didn’t. Alright that is pushing it. It’s not that I had forgotten, I just that I forgot to care.

I don’t have a big vision behind this weblog. While you may see some categories on the side, I basically want to write what I feel like writing about. Sometimes I do dream of having my own online platform for a job, but if that’s ever going to happen I want it to be truly my own space on the internet. I don’t want to restrict myself any further and lay down rules of what I can’t write about.

Then why didn’t I write? I’m not even sure if I can say life happened. I’ve never stopped writing. I’m still working on my (debut) novel Intertwined and I’m actually a freelance journalist and copywriter now.

I start so passionately on these projects. This is my thirth blog that I really wanted to make it work. I may not have a vision, but I have a passion for writing. I’m the girl that can scroll to blogs for hours and hours. I watch vlogs of people talking about their lives for 20 minutes on a daily basis. Speaking about vlogs. I wanted to be one of those people too. You can just hear how driven I was in this video below.

This is my first video… and my last so far. I was serious about making this work, really. I even have ideas for videos. I filmed this at a friends’ home while I stayed over there while she was on a holiday. I had the whole space for myself and no one else to hear me while I recorded. In the video I speak about being afraid of putting myself out there, because I’ve been bullied because of it. I don’t think that fear is gone yet. I feel too awkward sitting in my own room and putting that camera on my face. I make up too many excuses why I can’t. Which is stupid, because this is clearly something I enjoyed. From the first idea that popped up in my head till the last second of editing.

I’ve even gotten some response from friends and acquintances on my first vlog. People said they liked it, even admired it. These projects I start are always to sustain my creativity, but it felt good to hear that other people liked it too.

Someday I’ll post again. I will be booktubing, recalling all my favorites of the month and I might even show you what I like to wear. Maybe I’ll be talking about issues that mean a lot to me, too. Let’s hope it will come to a device near you soon enough. Because the reason I don’t vlog and blog are my own fears. It’s the barrier I’ll have to overcome, even when I know I feel on top of the world when I’ve done so.


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