Rip it or ship it booktag

I go through these phases where I like to watch people talk about books on camera. You know what they say, seeing people liking a book you enjoy is like the book recommending a person. In this section of YouTube dubbed booktube you’ll find booklovers of any kind raving about the written word. I can do that, too, I argued.

So here we are. I’ve made my first booktube video in which I pick two papers from a jar and decide if I want to ship (like them as a couple) these two characters or not. I’ve seen people doing this with two jars, one for male and one for female but that kind of takes a bit of the fun away.

Oh uh, you might wanna turn up the volume. I don’t want to sound like one of those people apologizing for their bad video (because I had a blast doing this), but the editing of this is below my usual standards. I didn’t want to spend hours looking for good videosoftware, so I had to make due. And I found out the first clip was being weird when I started this video. It’s still fun to watch, I swear.


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