Even in the two hours it takes to read this from back to back, Nimona has to grow on you. And so she does. Just as lord Ballister you aren’t sure about her in the beginning. After all she comes barging in for no reason. But even when she’s making up schemes and robbing banks, she grows on you. Nimona feels like a story centered on characters, but the plot is equally as exciting. It’s not impossible to predict, but it’s the kind of prediction you want to happen because it’s just so dang cool.

Of course the moment where this really got good to me was when the LGBT storyline could no longer be ignored. There’s a turning point which makes everything click. From then on I felt my heart beat faster as I raced through the pages. Looking for a way that would make everything alright. Because these characters deserve it. Nimona is begging for a big hug. Near the end I wish I could give her one. Her darkest moments remind me of seeing loved ones turn to their own dark thoughts. To that point where they are in so deep that they can only lash out, not only to their friends but especially themselves. There’s a lot of moments where I want Nimona to stop being cross and to learn to accept herself as Ballister tries so hard to do.


Nimona turns out to be a well fleshed out story. The only complains I have are silly, and actually make the story somewhat funny. It’s weird that this is a medival setting in which they have pizza and churros, but then again what would a magical world be without those divine foods? It doesn’t make sense in the world, but I know I’m being unreasonable here. My other complaint is Noelle’s handwriting. It’s a little thin, which made this hard to read. Not Homestucklevel of hard, just less pleasant on the eye. Aesthetically it’s fine, but I would have prefered a thicker font.

The end is bittersweet, but definitely not cheesy. As a writer and reader that appreciates good storytelling I think this was the best way to end this. But I won’t deny that I had a lump in my throat.


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